A soul mate is not One you cannot picture your future without. Rather, They are one you forget Did not exist in your past. We are wrapped in his baby blanket. Considering everything that it's been through, it's in remarkably good condition. He's put so much care and effort into maintaining its quality. From personal... Continue Reading →

How to Clean Up Your Work

No manuscript is perfect. After all, its creator is imperfect. But there comes a time when we must edit our work. A decent portion is easy; we can see and correct our errors with ease. Other aspects however...well, we might as well be trying to rip our hearts out or start a campaign to burn... Continue Reading →

Four-Word Fear

It's been done before. Those four words haunt us. They linger always, a constant and persistent source of daily, debilitating doubt. So what? Do you think Disney ever hesitated to come out with a new princess movie? There's already so many of them...maybe we should just not. Could you imagine what it would be like if Disney... Continue Reading →

Canvas Boy

The pencil was dark against the soft white paper. As the lines spread, and the general outline became visible, Leign hummed to himself. He loved drawing. When he was drawing, he was in control, and if he made a mistake it was easy and painless to fix. Holding the pencil made his hand throb though,... Continue Reading →

7 Tips for Fantastic Hooks

Possessing a stand-out hook for your book is like a business owner having business cards. Sometimes though, because there're just so many incredible things to talk about, it can be super difficult to nail down what words we NEED to say. So what exactly is the recipe for a perfect, tasty little hook? There are... Continue Reading →

After Dinner

Family gatherings were the most social Via ever got. She wasn't introverted exactly, it was just that, compared to her family, other people were boring. This opinion was reinforced every time the gathered members settled into their seats and the story-telling began. A  couple of years ago, the privilege of initiating the ritual had become... Continue Reading →

The Pros and Cons of Parents in (or not in) Novels

Parents, or parent figures, are critical aspects in books. Their presence and corresponding parent-child relationships alone can make up entire premises. Likewise, the lack of a parent figure, whether they're dead or simply out of the picture has a huge effect. Their existence or non-existence is a heck of a decision. Neither option is bad,... Continue Reading →

Four Fantastic Ways to Keep On Writing

Life is busy. For those of us who cannot dedicate set, consistent amounts of time to our work, finding the time to write can be challenging. How are we supposed to write 50,000+ words of  fiction on top of all of our other pre-existing responsibilities?  Like this: Write a minimum of one sentence a day.... Continue Reading →

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