Four Fantastic Ways to Keep On Writing

Life is busy. For those of us who cannot dedicate set, consistent amounts of time to our work, finding the time to write can be challenging. How are we supposed to write 50,000+ words of  fiction on top of all of our other pre-existing responsibilities? 

Like this:

  • Write a minimum of one sentence a day.
  • Never end on a clean note.

Always stop before a part you’re looking forward to writing, because it will serve as an incentive to come back tomorrow. It can be torturous, but it works devilishly well.

  • Take a break. Write a short story, or anything creative that is not your novel-in-progress.

A brief switching of gears can be a great way to prevent yourself from getting tired of your own book. Just don’t stop flexing that creative writing muscle.

  • If something is bothering you, go back and fix it.

A lot of people say to ignore it and keep going, but when a piece is really bugging you, go back and retry. Ignoring it is often more detrimental than productive.

  • Embrace your weird writing idiosyncrasies.

Often times trying to ‘overcome’ them is simply an excuse and, ultimately, a block. For example, I always write the first draft longhand in blue ink. I cannot for the life of me figure out why it’s easier to write that way, but it is.

Remember: How much writing you get done is not as important as how often you write.

What are your weird writing idiosyncrasies? Comment below!


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