How to Clean Up Your Work

No manuscript is perfect. After all, its creator is imperfect. But there comes a time when we must edit our work.

A decent portion is easy; we can see and correct our errors with ease. Other aspects however…well, we might as well be trying to rip our hearts out or start a campaign to burn every single copy of our favorite book in existence.

Why do we get so melodramatic?

We’ve become too attached to them to cut them out. We’re like cancer victims who can’t bear to undergo the surgical procedure because, well, I’ve had the tumors for so long, I just can’t cut them out. 

Said no cancer patient ever.

No, our attachment is better represented by sentimentality. We all have those random things that clutter up our desks. Occasionally, we look out our work-space and think, It’s gone too far. I’m going to clean. And then we pick up that one knick-knack and completely change our mind. We say, Oh no, I can’t get rid of this. And so on and so on, until we’ve gone through everything and our desk is just as cluttered.

And sure, knick-knacks and such are cute and fun and enjoyable on our desks. But in our writing, pieces that only hold significance/ matter to us, the author, must be cut. They need to make room for the scenes that will resonate with our readers. Perhaps you’ll have to kill some of your darlings, but you can do it.

Remember: Your ultimate job is to entertain others, not yourself, and still write the story you want to.


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