A soul mate is not One you cannot picture your future without. Rather, They are one you forget Did not exist in your past. We are wrapped in his baby blanket. Considering everything that it's been through, it's in remarkably good condition. He's put so much care and effort into maintaining its quality. From personal... Continue Reading →


Canvas Boy

The pencil was dark against the soft white paper. As the lines spread, and the general outline became visible, Leign hummed to himself. He loved drawing. When he was drawing, he was in control, and if he made a mistake it was easy and painless to fix. Holding the pencil made his hand throb though,... Continue Reading →

After Dinner

Family gatherings were the most social Via ever got. She wasn't introverted exactly, it was just that, compared to her family, other people were boring. This opinion was reinforced every time the gathered members settled into their seats and the story-telling began. A  couple of years ago, the privilege of initiating the ritual had become... Continue Reading →

Hidden Stars

There was nothing quite like the forest at night. With dark trees and silvered shadows, the world was different. Alliot was sure that things were hiding in the moonlight. The night was an untrustworthy character. It was shady and shifty, but at least it was predictable. "The stars are up. And they're far prettier." Alliot smirked.... Continue Reading →

Into Ashes

Smoky snowflakes drifted through the air. The breeze came to a still, hesitant to touch them. They floated down, mournful and lonely. Amalia swiped her fingers through the ashes. A few stuck to her palm and she wrinkled her nose, giggling. Her brother jerked her back. "Don't touch, Lia." She huffed, sending ashes swirling away.... Continue Reading →


Bex had never driven more perfectly than that night. Carefully contained fury had made every movement precise. It allowed a fragile sense of calm, of control, to settle over her. If Cameron hadn’t been bawling his eyes out in the backseat, Bex might’ve been able to believe the illusion. Is it wrong that I feel... Continue Reading →

Desired Undeservingly

When she left him, so would every good thing in his life. This oasis of a life he'd created for himself would melt into a mirage. Isabelle tore through the house, taking mementos and ignoring memories. Finally, she took her ring and tossed it away, hoping it would roll beneath the couch, so that one... Continue Reading →

How the Butterfly Got Its Wings

Long before stars learned how to sparkle, (that is a story for another time Best Beloved), there was a poor man who was ‘credibly talented with artsy-tistical things. (You must remember that he was very poor). But his house was terribly holed and drafty (that is the wind liked to rush in and out of... Continue Reading →

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