Thursday Theory- Writing High Quality Conflict

Conflict is crucial. It is what drives our stories along, keeps readers turning pages. All conflict isn't equal though, and as writers we should want to put the best we can into our novels. But what is high-quality conflict? And how do we imbue our novels with it? To understand high-quality conflict, we must first... Continue Reading →


Thursday Theory- Characters (Pt.2)

This Thursday we're going to take a look at Authentic Originality. (Last Thursday we discussed Free Will  in Thursday Theory- Characters (Pt. 1)) Today our goal is create real characters, not stereotypes or mimics. So how do we write authentic, original characters? Simple. Don't be fake. Alright, fine. I suppose that is easier said than done. Allow me... Continue Reading →

You Look A Little Tense (Cont.)…

Here are our three fantastic tension-generators: Backstory (The Good Kind) Relationships Time-bombs Tension is not one of those 'a little goes a long way' things. Not by a long shot. In fact, its pretty much impossible to have too much of it. Of course, churning out writing that is taught with tension is also not much of... Continue Reading →

Thursday Theory- Characters (Pt. 1)

Stories come from living things. And living things are some incredibly unruly creatures. They make their own choices, get confused and enlightened by emotions, take logic to illogical extremes...the list goes on. Because of this, there is nothing more frustrating than characters that stumble across the pages like reanimated corpses with the author playing puppeteer.... Continue Reading →

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