Dear Writers…

Editing can be more than simply difficult or painful. The process can be terribly discouraging. It doesn't have to be. Yeah, you can't go into editing with a pair of rose-colored glasses, but neither do you have to wear black-out lenses. Maybe some parts are sooooo much cringier than you thought they'd be, but your... Continue Reading →


Say What You’re Trying to Say, Better

"Novelists are failed short story writers, and short story writers are failed poets,"- Ernest Hemingway. Now, novelists aren't really failures, but we can fall short. Often times, we don't use our 50,000+ words wisely. Yeah, we need to get the word count up there, but we need not be excessive or wasteful. Easier said than done,... Continue Reading →

Hidden Stars

There was nothing quite like the forest at night. With dark trees and silvered shadows, the world was different. Alliot was sure that things were hiding in the moonlight. The night was an untrustworthy character. It was shady and shifty, but at least it was predictable. "The stars are up. And they're far prettier." Alliot smirked.... Continue Reading →

How to Achieve a Successful Writing Career

Surfing is huge in California. During a recent visit to the beach, I watched a group of surfers ride wave after wave. Each wave could be seen building and cresting and then washing out. Fiction trends are much like those waves. However, writers should not be like surfers. Because unlike them, we cannot build a... Continue Reading →

How to Keep Reader’s Interested

Keeping readers interested is the primary challenge of writers. After all, how are we to tell our stories if we can't keep people's attention? Simple. We don't let them get distracted. Here are some techniques to keep them reading: Make a scavenger hunt. Leave little clues and foreshadows that make readers ask questions and seek... Continue Reading →

A Healthy Writer’s Diet

Most diets advise, if they do not stress, moderation. But a writer should devour books. Stuff yourself with them. There's no such thing as too much. The day you think you've read to many books, come talk to me. Libraries, bookstores, e-bookstores, the internet- they're all fiction buffets. When's the last time you went to a... Continue Reading →

Thursday Theory- Believable Backstory

[This is the third installment of our Thursday Theory- Improve Your Writing-Characters series.]  The past two weeks we learned about Free Will and Authentic Originality. This week we'll be taking a look at how to create believable backstory. Your characters' pasts are what have shaped them into the person your readers meet. It's wise to make sure that... Continue Reading →

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